Welcome to the genealogy website/blog for Leurigfamily.com  constructed by Louis Richard Leurig using myself as the prime person for ancestors and descendants. The various family names, history, and information is based on my genealogy research.
This website/blog was initiated January 2016, not as a finished product but an on-going project.
The overall purpose is to inform about genealogy photos, videos, charts, and historical information for present and future knowledge.

Leurigfamily.com is blog and history oriented for the genealogy findings, stories, and comments.   The genealogy information is constructed using input from RootsMagic genealogy program.  The entire RootsMagic forms, reports and data cannot be duplicated at this site, but charts and information is updated at various times throughout the year.

This site and www.leuriglibrary.com site are genealogy family and genealogy history oriented. There are other sites for the Leurig family for information, news, and general information.  If more detail is requested I can prepare reports from the main genealogy database.

I hope you will access, contribute, and enjoy the Leurig family Genealogy history and news.

This is a public site.  I considered sign in only, but my thinking is anyone who is interested in Leurig family can access.  If necessary, I will change that policy later.  I encourage family members to create an account to access future information not for public view and comments.

The writings and the site are copyrighted; however, facts cannot be copyrighted and should be used. Some of the material I have obtained from other family members or other unknown or undetermined sources, and hopefully they will understand when uncertain where and when to give credit.