So Many Surnames to check – part 1

 “Where do the other names come from and why are they important?” is a question often heard in family discussion of past history and relatives.

Part of the answer can be found by looking at the genealogy of our family at  If you are part of this family, enter your surname and ancestor chart to see the names of your relatives. (note that this is a sign in site to allow only family members or those with specific permission to view the names, dates, and events including living persons).

Each generation of a direct (blood related) ancestor adds additional  family names to the ancestor list.  Just going back five generations has the possibility of 32 direct blood relatives even though only 5 have your birth surname.

The list of names of our direct ancestors goes back to the 1500’s, or fourteen  generations from me.  Many more surnames will be added in the future by family members as we do research.  Since all of my ancestors have passed on, in a later post I will include my direct ancestor chart for general quick reference use.

Another post will address the other part of the answer about why this is important to you in today’s world.  For now remember what you are today in physical stature, health, and heritage is a result of your ancestors.


Author: Louis Richard Leurig ([email protected])

For the past 40 plus years I have been interested in family genealogy with the goal of writing, speaking, and understanding family history.