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There have not been many updates to this site in 2017.  Partially to blame is over scheduling by trying to put up a few web sites.  Partially to blame is the distraction during the last six months of the year to determine my cancer status and taking treatments.  Mainly it is just having too high an expectation of the time I have left, and I realize now the priority to use my time to the best advantage.

My priority continues to be sharing family information, stories, history, genealogy, photos, and videos so everyone has the opportunity to access the data.

There has been activity including closing down the site to combine the information on that site with this one.  Posts have been written and are in draft for this site and also, but have not yet been posted.  During January I will be posting to both sites on a regular basis.

Meantime, be sure to read the posts shown on the right side of the website.  Some like “They Came In Ships” will be updated with newly found information. As with all web sites, each new post drops the older posts into history; they should not be forgotten.

Have a Merry Christmas, a happy holiday, and a great new year.  Look for many more posts next year.  Louis Richard (Dick) Leurig 2017-12-19


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They Came In Ships

They came on long trips by ships to start a new life

From this ...
From this
to this spanning over 200 years
        … to this spanning over 200 years

When any of our ancestor relatives immigrated to the United States, they came by ship.  I cannot find any relative who was born in an adjacent country and entered by land although some may have briefly stopped after their ship voyage.  So ships and watercraft played an important part of their travels, history, and backgrounds.

Immigrants arriving by Ship
Immigrants arriving by ship 1730’s. Leurig Library.

They came in ships of various sizes and configurations, embarked and disembarked at various ports,  and at times boarded flatboats, canal boats, or steamships to complete the voyage.  Before boarding ships to America Most had to travel to the ports of embarkation either by walking or riding on roads or more often on canal and small boats.  When arriving in the United States many had to take boats on the Ohio or Mississippi to reach destinations.

Stories of relatives immigrating to new countries usually include traveling by some form of boat or water craft as part of their history.

Mississippi flatboat
Mississippi flatboat. Leurig Library.
Leurig family immigration
Charming Betty manifest 1733 Philadelphia
Immigrant ship Charming Betty manifest 1733 Philadelphia showing Ketner. Details in Leurig Library.

The earliest verified ship record for our ancestors that I have is the Charming Betty manifest arriving in Philadelphia October 9, 1733 and being cleared to disembark passengers October 12, 1773.  Among the 64 passengers was the Johannes KETNER family, our direct ancestor.   However, he was not the first to immigrate and come by ship.

Johannes and George Ketner (Kettner) are the first two names on this 1733 document.  Also shows they could write.

Some of our ancestors probably were already in America.  I am verifying information of migration as early as 1660.  This story will be updated later as more information is available

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So Many Surnames to Check – part 2

Your history includes the stories of individuals in the past.

In a previous blog  “so many surnames to check – part 1” the discussion was how names of direct ancestors increase with each generation.
“Part 2” is why it is important to know about your past by understanding those individual persons with the surnames.
Why is that important?  How does it affect me? The obvious and simple answer is because you should have an idea who is responsible for your being here.  Plus knowing the characteristics you inherited.  And, when looking back perhaps the past can help foretell your family future.

The past and those who were a part of it (ie. Surnames) often are used to describe your culture traditions (Irish, German and others), medical, migration, occupational and other history.  Sometimes an individual invokes the past not realizing they referring to genealogy information. A person might say “I look like this because grandma had a thin face like I do”.  Or comment “our family has always been Catholic”. Or, talking with a doctor, “there was heart disease in my mother’s side”.  Or, during Saint Patrick’s Day, telling everyone we are Irish.
But are these comments correct?

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Please use and enjoy the Leurig family history and news.  Posts contain genealogy information and stories about ancestors, descendants, and relatives for the Leurig, Fye, and Kane families. Surname listings at the top of the website indicate the ancestor names.
For the whole story be sure to access older posts as writing occurs when research dictates and is usually not on a logical schedule!

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