So Many Surnames to Check – part 2

Your history includes the stories of individuals in the past.

In a previous blog  “so many surnames to check – part 1” the discussion was how names of direct ancestors increase with each generation.
“Part 2” is why it is important to know about your past by understanding those individual persons with the surnames.
Why is that important?  How does it affect me? The obvious and simple answer is because you should have an idea who is responsible for your being here.  Plus knowing the characteristics you inherited.  And, when looking back perhaps the past can help foretell your family future.

The past and those who were a part of it (ie. Surnames) often are used to describe your culture traditions (Irish, German and others), medical, migration, occupational and other history.  Sometimes an individual invokes the past not realizing they referring to genealogy information. A person might say “I look like this because grandma had a thin face like I do”.  Or comment “our family has always been Catholic”. Or, talking with a doctor, “there was heart disease in my mother’s side”.  Or, during Saint Patrick’s Day, telling everyone we are Irish.
But are these comments correct?

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